Principal’s Message

I am eager to start a new school year with the Flyer Family of students and staff. One of the
best things about being principal at Wilbur Wright is working alongside a staff of caring
individuals that want the best for each Wilbur Wright Flyer, as well as interacting with
students each day to help them learn and grow. It is a joy to encourage and engage with our
It’s the ‘Year of the Lighthouse’ for Wilbur Wright. Regardless of its location, the purpose of a
lighthouse never changes; it warns ships of danger and guides them safely on their journey.
Whether your child is just beginning their school journey as a preschooler or coming to the
end of elementary school days as a fifth grader, I am honored to work with your child, so that
they safely and successfully navigate this school year.
Thank you for allowing Wilbur Wright Elementary to be a part of your child’s educational
journey. Please know that your child is a light that makes our school shine!

“Lighthouses don’t get all wobbly when the weather gets
rough; they just stand there shining.” Anonymous



Jean Ann McAllister, Principal

Wilbur Wright Elementary

Jean Ann McAllister