Principal’s Message

As another school year begins, please be assured that your child will learn and grow in a caring and loving environment.  All faculty members at Wilbur Wright are highly qualified in their field of study.  Instructional assistants provide vital support to students and play an important role helping our students grow and develop. 

We are excited to be identified as a ‘Leader In Me’ school.  Our students and staff will be working to implement the following habits as we work together each day:

-Be Proactive

-Begin with the End in Mind

-Put First Things First

-Think Win-Win

-Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood


-Sharpen the Saw

Above all, the education of each student is a partnership between home and school.  Your support is needed as a positive influence at home, whether that’s helping with homework, reading together, attending PTO meetings, or making sure your child gets to school on time.  By working together, a strong message is sent to your child that school is important and valued by you, as a parent.

Thank you for allowing the faculty and staff at Wilbur Wright Elementary to be a part of your child’s educational journey. 



Jean Ann McAllister, principal

Wilbur Wright Elementary

Jean Ann McAllister