Meet Your Tiny-Trojan Teachers

The Tiny Trojan teachers and staff are excited to begin a new school year! We look forward to developing family partnerships in order to best meet the needs of our students. We want to best prepare our students to become lifelong learners and instill in them the life skills necessary to become successful citizens.

Tonia Haines
Tiny Trojans Pre-K Director
Parker Elementary

I have been in the early childhood field since 2006. I began my career in childcare centers, mostly in Indianapolis. Prior to joining the Tiny Trojans team, I taught preschool in Greenfield for three years. Watching developmental growth in this age group is so satisfying as they adjust to routines, pick up new concepts through play, and explore during hands-on activities. Being in this career has given me a deeper understanding of how children’s brains develop, and how they view the world. Parent and family involvement also makes an incredible impact in child development and accelerated learning. We know that family is the first teacher; we can’t wait to work alongside you, and see your child’s growth together. I look forward to working as a team with our families, teachers, and staff at all of our elementary schools!

Parker Elementary: 765-521-7209,1819 Roosevelt Ave, New Castle, IN 47362 | email:

Colleen Myers
Westwood Elementary

I taught kindergarten in the New Castle Schoo Corporation for thirty-six years before switching to Tiny Trojans Pre-K. What can I say? I love little people! My favorite thing about teaching preschoolers is the way their little minds are sponges; they soak it all up, and are all in with everything they do. We love partnering with parents and families for the education of our tiniest students. It takes a village, and we are grateful for the relaionships we build through our Tiny Trojan Pre-K classes.

Westwood Elementary: 765-521-7215, 1015 S. Greensboro Pike New Castle, IN 47362  | email:

Angie Miller
Wilber Wright Elementary

I began my career with New Castle Schools as a Title 1 teacher at Eastwood Elementary. After two years, I transferred to Sunnyside, and taught first grade for nineteen years! I joined the Tiny Trojan team in the fall of 2022. My favorite part of teaching Pre-K is being able to watch the curiosity and discovery that happens each day in the classroom. I believe that developing the love of learning at this age is monumental for further maturity, and I am glad to partner with my parents and the other Tiny Trojan teachers in these impressionable years.

Wilbur Wright Elementary: 765-521-7217, 1950 Washington St, New Castle, IN 47362 | email:

Chrystie Foga
Eastwood Elementary

I have taught with New Castle Schools for nineteen years in elementary education. Most recently, I was the kindergarten teacher at Sunnyside Elementary. I love the way preschoolers react when they know they’ve succeeded in something new. I watch them begin to problem-solve, continue to try, and when they finally figure it out, comes my favorite part, “I did it!” Preschoolers are curious, and their little minds are thinking all the time. I’m always thankful for a strong parent-teacher team; it takes all of us to help these little people learn to grow.

Eastwood Elementary: 765-521-7205, 806 S 22nd St, New Castle, IN 47362 | email:

Alissa Orr
Riley Elementary

I am so excited to be the new Tiny Trojans teacher at Riley! I was previously a preschool teacher at the Agape Learning Center, and for the last five years I’ve worked at the New Castle Library. My favorite thing about being a preschool teacher is all the funny stories I hear from the kids, because they love to spill the beans. As we prepare for each school year, I am excited and honored to partner with you, our families, to help your child(ren) develop a life-long love for learning.

Riley Elementary: 765-521-7211, 1201 Riley Rd, New Castle, IN 47362 | email: