About Us

Welcome to Tiny Trojans Preschool! 

We are happy you have found us! We are a public preschool program, serving children in the New Castle School district from age four (by August 1st) until they are age eligible for kindergarten. We are a tuition-based program, with classrooms in all five of our elementary schools.

We hope that your involvement and investment in our schools proves to be an enriching experience for both you and your child(ren). It is our mission to provide high quality early childhood education in a safe, nurturing, creative and friendly environment. We focus on learning through child-directed play experiences and curriculum time. We believe a balance of play and preschool curriculum enhances growth and development in all areas: physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually. Teachers facilitate learning by exposing children to a variety of experiences. Our long-term goal is to be instrumental in your child’s life as they learn self-awareness and develop confidence with their own independence. Together, working with parents as a team, we will always keep the children’s best interest as our highest priority. Thank you for partnering with us in #BuildingBetterFutures at New Castle Schools.

Curriculum: Learn Every Day in Pre-K 

Tiny Trojans Pre-K  follows Indiana’s Early Learning Foundations, which are accessible online at  https://www.in.gov/doe/students/indiana-academic-standards/indiana-early-learning-foundations/

Literacy, math, science, social studies, and creative arts are an integral part of each learning unit:

  • Experiences that encourage exploration and discovery activities are designed for multi-sensory learning
  • Research-based and developmentally appropriate methods.
  • Nurturing environments that support all learners

Our core curriculum, Learn Every Day in Pre K, was designed to be used in a way that respects individual differences, honors every child’s culture, and recognizes that family members are equal partners in a child’s education. It is our goal that all children will experience joy and delight as they grow and develop in a nurturing environment. All of these components will enable your students to learn every day!

Within our curriculum are six basic literacy-building skills that are supported by reading readiness research and include the following: 

  • Listening skills 
  • Oral language development 
  • Letter knowledge and recognition 
  • Print awareness 
  • Phonological awareness 
  • Comprehension
  Building Confidence
   Building Knowledge
        Building Pride
   Building Friendships