Tech Help Quick Links

This page has quick links to help staff and students with common problems on thier devices. The goal of the Technology department is to empower our staff and students to be confident technology users.

What issue are you having?

I am having issues with Kami (the link resets the cache)

My Chromebook or PC is getting pop-ups

Help! My Chromebook Screen is upside down!

Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Refresh (“Refresh” is the spinning arrow button 4th from the top left) causes the Chromebook screen to rotate 90 degrees. To get it to display in the desired orientation, press Ctrl + Shift + Refresh until the screen is in the desired orientation.

Turn on or off Chromebook Accessibility Features

Help the Chromebook Screen seems too big (zoomed in)

How To Display Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Ctrl+Alt+?