Trojan Testimonials

“My life remains rooted in my experience at New Castle High School. There I learned what community meant — along with the sense of place and responsibility it entails. It was place for a student like me to take a risk, try new things, make mistakes and discover my unique passions. The best opportunities I had at New Castle High School were the ones I was able to invent for myself with the help of a teacher or a community member. It takes a special type of environment that can foster this sense of community and an environment of opportunity.”

J.W. Pindell, Class of 1997, Political Reporter for The Boston Globe

“Thanks to the program at New Castle High School, our daughter, Madison McGilliard, will be able to finish her undergraduate degree in three years.  Because many of the required courses were met prior to her beginning college, she was able to take more classes that prepares her for her career. The other plus is that a she is able to graduate with no debt!”  

Pastor Tom & Linda McGilliard
Parents of Madison McGilliard Class of 2016

“Having grown up in New Castle and experiencing K-12 in the New Castle School Corporation, I know first-hand the impact of a quality education filled with valuable opportunities and unwavering community support. Unquestionably, I attribute much of my adult continuing education, professional pathway, and personal successes to the education and opportunities obtained while in New Castle. New Castle School Corporation will always be a special place for me and many other successful alumni.

Go Trojans!”

Dr. Jennifer McCormick,  Indiana Superintendent of Public Schools
Class of  1988

During her senior year, Emily , was part of the morning team at WKPW 90.7 FM. This incredible opportunity was made possible through the New Castle Career Center. Additionally, she earned several college credits by taking a number of courses that were recognized not only by New Castle High School, but also later by Ball State University. Stacey and I are convinced that this educational experience was a great foundation for Emily’s success at Ball State University and beyond.”    

Kit C. Dean Crane
Judge, Henry Circuit Court No. 2
Father of Emily Crane, Class of 2011

“Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to perform in theaters all across the country. Looking back, I can honestly say my time at NCHS with the choir and theatre departments was a fundamental period of growth that prepared me for my career in ways I could not have imagined. I was often encouraged to take risks and follow my instincts on stage, to be bold as a soloist and generous as an ensemble. The expectations were high, and staff and students alike used that as a force to drive our passion. I would not be the person or performer I am today if I hadn’t had the guidance and foundation of NCHS behind me.”

Kate Metroka
Class of  2006