Re-entry Plan Changes Summary 10-18-2021

Mask Protocols (updated 10/18/21)

Elementary and Secondary Schools:

To reduce the number of students quarantined due to close contact tracing, effective Wednesday, October 20, 2021, all students and staff members from pre-k through grade 12 will be required to wear a mask while indoors. In lieu of masks, staff may wear face shields. A student may wear a face shield if the student provides written documentation from a physician or other health care provider that demonstrates the need to wear a face shield in lieu of a mask.  Mask breaks are permissible if students are distanced greater than 6 feet.

During a period of required masking, unless otherwise restricted by administration, students may remove masks when indoors while actively participating in extracurricular activities, such as band and choir, or when engaging in strenuous physical activity.  Students must continue to maintain social distancing greater than 6 feet during this time when masks are removed to avoid quarantine due to close contact tracing.


The CDC mandates face coverings for all persons utilizing public transportation (including school buses). Thus, until the CDC mandate is modified or lifted, students and staff will be required to wear a face-covering when riding on a school bus.    A call-out will go to families if the CDC bus mask requirement is lifted or modified.