School Clinic Procedures

A clinic slip will be completed for each child who visits the clinic. A copy is kept on file in the clinic and one is sent home with the child.

If no temperature, vomiting, or other apparent symptoms exist, they will be sent back to their classroom.

Students with a fever or other symptoms will be sent home. The office will attempt to call the parents/guardian to come to pick up the child, if a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contacts will be called.

Parents cannot be notified by phone each time their child is seen by the nurse; however, if your child is seen by the nurse or office personnel, they will be given a clinic visit slip that tells you that your child was seen by the nurse, what for, and what the treatment was.

Parents are responsible for delivering any and all medication to the clinic. Students are not allowed, by law, to transport any medication to or from school. Parents must also sign a permission form for the nurse in order for the clinic to dispense any medication and the medication must be in the original container with Dr. instructions.

Parents are responsible for picking up any and all medications prior to the end of the school year. All medication left in the clinic after the announced cut off time will be destroyed.