LLEP Certified Parker Pre-K

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Parker Pre-K

Parker Elementary is offering an LLEP Certified Pre-K class for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year to any Parker family that would like to prepare their child for Kindergarten in 2020-2021.

Who can attend?

Any child residing in the Parker district that will be turning five (5) years old before August 1, 2021 and enrolling in Kindergarten 2020-2021. Your child must be able to independently use the restroom with minimal or no assistance.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school. Pre- K students will follow the same calendar as the Elementary unless notified, however, Pre – K students will not attend school in the event of a 2 hour delay.

When do I Register?

During Pre-K / Kindergarten Round-up Wednesday, April 10th from 8am – 6pm at Parker Elementary.

What documents do I need for registration?

 Birth Certificate
 Custody/Court Documentation
 Immunization Records
 *SSN * used for Testing and State Reporting purposes, however, it is not required and parents cannot be compelled to provide this information and students cannot be denied any rights or benefits.
 **RESIDENCY VERIFICATION **Document containing Name & Current Address; such as rental lease, mortgage documents, utility bill (Cell Phone bill not accepted).

If you know anyone that may benefit from this information, please pass it along.
Questions? Please call our office at 765-521-7209.