STEM at Parker

3rd grade students at Parker Elementary were trying to problem solve for a local orchard in town.  During the summer, this orchard received terrible hail damage that hurt their harvest and destroyed storage buildings. The orchard decided to rebuild their tool sheds and wanted a roof design that would provide better protection in the future.


Students engineers came to the rescue!  Using student-designed models, these 3rd graders tested several roof types with the following questions in mind:  Which roof type naturally removes the heavy, damaging hail? Which roof type is most stable when force is applied?  Students tested models, collected data, discussed results, and were surprised by outcomes! By the end of the experience, most student engineers agreed that the orchard should rebuild using slanted or curved roof structures in the future.


2nd grade students at Parker Elementary invited Mr. Norrick (our very own SCIENTIST) to teach students about MATTER. He brought many examples of the three different states of MATTER. He told jokes and inspired students to always stay curious to be happy in life!