Dismissal Procedures

DISMISSAL from School
Making sure that all students get home safely is our number one goal.
Dismissal time is always hectic for students and staff, so please only change regular dismissal procedures when unavoidable.

• Dismissal Choices: Bus, Car Rider, Walk up Door #1 (adult walks up to get student), or Walker (walk home by themselves). Adults that pick up as a Car Rider and Walk-up Door #1 must have a Dismissal Tag with the student(s) name clearly marked. These are available in the office.
• Every parent/guardian was asked at the beginning of school to provide a “regular dismissal” to the teacher. This is the way all students will be sent home unless a note or phone call from the parent/guardian is received.
• Please limit phone calls to the office to unforeseen and emergency situations.
• No after school changes will be taken after 2:30pm. We cannot guarantee changes can be delivered after 2:30pm.
• Students needing to be picked up for appointments near the end of school should be picked up by 2:30pm. After that time, students / parents will be directed to the Walker Door #1 at regular dismissal time.
• Parents are not permitted to wait for their student(s) outside the front entrance of the school (door # 3) at dismissal. If you want to walk up to get your child, you may do so at door # 1.

Bus Riders
• Students must be assigned to a bus thru the Transportation Office (765-521-7235).
• Students not assigned to a regular bus must be approved by the transportation office before getting on a bus.
• If another student is to ride the bus home with your student, please send a note or call transportation.
• Parents are not to get their child out of the bus line or off the bus without permission from a school official.

Car Riders
• Please do not arrive to get in line prior to 2:15pm. We must leave the front drive accessible for Emergency vehicles.
• Have your car dismissal tag hanging from your rear view mirror with student(s) First and Last Names.
• Do not get out of your car and leave it unattended in the front drive.
• Pull as far forward as you can while you wait, without passing another car.
• Please be watchful of all children as they are released to go to their vehicles.
• Do not pull away with your child until you have been instructed to by a school official.

Walk Home by themselves
• Students that walk home by themselves will be dismissed from Door #8.
• Students are not permitted to walk to the North Parking Lot to get in a parked car. Door #1 should be used in this instance.
Walkers picked up by a walk-up parent/guardian
• Parents that choose to park and pick up their child should park in the North Parking Lot by the Little League Ball Diamond.
• Parents/Guardians should line up outside Door #1 with their dismissal tag and their child’s name will be called as their parent moves to the front of the line.

Latch Key (After the Bell) (765)529-7448
• Latch Key is provided through 4 Square Church with space provided by Parker Elementary.
• Parents that pick up their children from Latch Key should buzz the Latch Key Bell after 3:15pm.
• Information available in the office.