Dismissal Procedures

Making sure that all students get home safely is our number one goal. Dismissal time is always a hectic time of day for students and staff, so please make your child’s dismissal as routine as possible.

If changes are necessary, please send a note to the teacher with specific instructions. Please limit phone calls to the office to unforeseen and emergency situations.

No after school change phone calls will be taken after 2pm. We cannot guarantee changes can be delivered after 2pm.

No one will be admitted into the building between 2:00pm – 2:30pm for the security of our students during dismissal.

Parents are not permitted to wait for their student(s) outside the front entrance of the school.
Parents with after school business/appointments will be admitted via the front door (#3) at 2:30pm, after all students have been dismissed.

2:10pm – Bus riders dismissed to the gym.

Parents are not to get their child out of the bus line or off the bus without permission from a school official.

2:15pm- Car Riders begin to be dismissed.

Please do not arrive to get in line prior to 1:45pm. We must leave the front drive accessible for Emergency vehicles.

Do not get out of your car and leave it unattended in the front drive.

Parents will be asked to return to their cars and follow the above procedure if they attempt to walk up to the building to pick up their child(ren)

Pull as far forward as you can while you wait, without passing another car.

Please be watchful of all children as they are released to go to their vehicles.

Do not pull away with your child until you have been instructed to by a school official.

2:30pm – Walkers

Students that walk home by themselves will be dismissed from Door #1 after everyone has been picked up. This ensures that traffic is at a minimum.
Students are not permitted to walk to the North Parking Lot to get in a parked car.

2:30pm – Walkers being picked up by a walk-up parent/guardian

Parents that choose to park and pick up their child should park in the North Parking Lot by the Little League Ball Diamond and walk up to Door #1.
Parents/Guardians should line up outside Door #1 and their child’s name will be called as their parent moves to the front of the line.

2:30pm – Latch Key – 765-575-8359

Latch Key is provided through Turning Point of Life Center with space provided by Parker Elementary. Parents that pick up their children from Latch Key may enter the building through Door #3 at 2:30pm


Please be sure your child and his/her teacher know now how your child is to go home in case of an early dismissal due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Do not call the office inquiring about an early dismissal. A School Messenger phone call will be made to all parents/guardians in the case of an early dismissal.

The office will not make phone calls to individual parents and should only receive phone calls in emergency situations. It is very important that you put in place now the procedures your child should follow during the upcoming winter months.