New Castle  Schools Family Guidance Planned  Virtual and Weather Related  eLearning Days 2022-2023

Planned Virtual Day Learning – Sept. 28, Nov. 8 , March  15

Weather Related eLearning Days – unplanned


ELEM Pre k -5

  • Tiny Trojans, Kids Corner PK, and Life Skill classes  will have packets sent home ahead.
  • Grade 2-5, assignments  and/or recorded video lessons  will be posted ahead on Google Classroom  .
  • Resource teachers will provide support to SPED students as needed during teacher contact times and upon return to school.
  • Special Area teachers ( Art Music PE) will post activity  choice menus  for that day linked to teacher Google Classrooms or included with k/1 packets.

Secondary 6-12

  • Teachers will provide 20 minutes worth of work per period and be prepared to answer questions from students via email.
  • SPED 6-12 co teachers partner with co teachers to assign and to make accommodations in assignments.

        Elem. Pre k-5

  • K-5 students will receive  LIVE  instruction .
  • Sessions   will include LIVE instruction from  the classroom teacher,  counselor,  coach ,art/music/orPE teacher, SPED  teacher ( resource time for small groups and/or 1 on 1), and administrator.
  • All Tiny Trojans Pre K , Life Skills, and   Kids’ Corner    classes will have access to links  to join admin., counselor, and art/music/PE  LIVE  sessions, as possible.   These classroom teachers will also provide family contact  time for 60 minutes during the day for support and communication as needed.
  • Sessions will begin at 10AM.  (2 hour delay schedule)
  • K-5 will take devices home in preparation for these weather events , as possible.

 Secondary 6-12

  • We will incorporate an inclement weather schedule with live instruction and attendance taken each period. Students must be present in the Google Meet  in order to be counted for the day.


(pk -12 )

  • Students will have  2  school days to turn in work for attendance to be counted as present.
  • Once  k-5 students  join one LIVE session, they will be counted as present for that day. It is teacher discretion when assignments will be due .
  • For 6-12 students, attendance will be taken each period. It is teacher discretion when assignments will be due .


(pk-12 )

  • Teachers  will communicate to  families   their office hour support time for 1 hour of availability on this virtual learning day.

  • Teachers will communicate to  families their office hour support time for 1 hour of availability on this eLearning day.

  Food Service

  • Any student enrolled in New Castle Community Schools can go to Parker Elementary to  have lunch for free just like it’s a regular school day.  Students must  eat the meal in our cafeteria.  Take out is not an option.  Children not enrolled in school and parents will  have to pay for their meals.  
  • There will be no food service provided at any buildings on weather related eLearning school days.