New Castle Community School Corporation Virtual Academy

It is the mission of the New Castle Community School Corporation through our Virtual Academy to provide students with a robust and meaningful learning experience that prepares them for multiple pathways.

Students enrolled in the NCCSC Virtual Academy will be assigned to New Castle teachers and receive the same curriculum and instruction as students in the classroom. This will allow previously established student/teacher connections to continue and new relationships to develop with the intention of having students return to brick and mortar instruction seamlessly. All students will have access to lessons, activities, and assignments via the school-issued Chromebook and will participate in learning opportunities on a daily basis. Elementary students will receive Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies lessons with their assigned teacher/team. Secondary students will follow their assigned schedule during the day based on their comparable brick and mortar schedule. Lessons will be delivered virtually and will be either live or recorded based on teacher availability and access to technology. Students will complete assignments on Google Classroom and submit assignments by the designated due dates. Some classes within the secondary program will be administered via an online program and video conferencing with a teacher will not be necessary. Student attendance will be determined based on participation in class at the assigned time. There will be a “homeroom” time for all secondary students where students will check in with an administrator, counselor, or teacher to clarify questions and assist as needed. Any student with an IEP or a 504 will receive services as outlined in the student’s education plan. This year, all of our students will receive Free breakfast and lunch. All students enrolled in our NCCSC Virtual Academy are also eligible for our FREE breakfast and FREE lunch program. Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy may also sign up for our Afterschool Program (Latchkey).