Two NCMS Teachers Receive MAC grants

Two Teachers from NCMS Sara Owens, a Social Studies teacher, and Kyle Fenstermacher, a Science teacher, were awarded grants from McDonald’s.  These grants are used to provide hands on activities for the classroom.  It is going to be great to see what these inspired teachers do with the grants.

“I am going to use the MAC Grant for an activity called “Gold Rush”. My students are going to be able to dig for “gold” next semester when we talk about Western Expansion. I’ll have different containers set up for the students with bird seed and they will have to search for gold beads. Students will collect a certain number of beads for candy and extra credit.”  -Sara Owens

“I will be using the grant for materials called Lego Mindstorm EV3.  It basically combines Legos with computer technology, so my plan is for students to be able to build and code the computer to achieve certain tasks.  For example, students may need to program and code their “robot” to maneuver through a set of obstacles. The possibilities are endless, one teacher I’ve talked with had students use this program to monitor water quality within a fish tank.” -Kyle Fenstermacher