NCMS Traffic Pattern Drop off/Pick Up

NCMS Traffic Changes
NCMS parking and traffic flow changes will take effect on Monday 7/25.
● All traffic will flow eastbound(From NCMS Pool to Bundy Auditorium).
● Enter the NCMS Parking entrance from Parkview Dr. at the west entrance near the pool.
● Enter the NCMS Student Drop off/Pick up lane from Bundy Avenue, via New Castle
Special Education offices, around the athletic parking lot, and move east towards Bundy
○ Orange cones will divide a curbside lane and passing lane.
● NCMS Parking and NCMS Student Drop off/Pick up lane will merge and exit in the
same location.

Student Arrivals/Dismissal
Doors open at 7:30am
● 7/8th grade Car riders report to Cafeteria. (Enter door #17A, #17B)
● 6th grade students report to Auxiliary gym(Enter door #16)
● Bus riders enter Breezeway(Door #20), move down ramp to cafeteria.
Students released at 3:25
● Bus riders exit door #20 to Breezeway