Our teachers use STEM within the classroom as a non-traditional style of teaching, to educate our students effectively.  The teachers here at the Middle School make intentional connections across multiple subject areas to encourage life skills such as: critical thinking, spatial learning, problem-solving, collaboration, research, and creativity.

Ten 8th grade students competed in the Design It Make It Challenge held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  The competition was hosted by TechPoint Foundation for Youth and IU School of Education. The competition took place during Tinker Fest and the VEX Robotics State Championship, where 13,000 people were estimated to be present.  Out of 30 other schools, our New Castle Middle School team was 1 of 6 chosen to compete in the final competition. This group of students used Arduino technology and coding to create a heart rate monitor to help children, youth and adults, who might be dealing with anxiety disorder or PTSD, regulate their heart rate in hopes to prevent ensuing panic attacks.  

“These students worked for months on this idea trying to get ready for this competition. There were many times when everyone felt defeated because the heart rate monitor was not working, however, they never gave up.  These students made designs, they researched, had to collaborate and problem solve. They set up interviews with multiple people, collecting data and information. If all that wasn’t impressive enough, the students then had to present in front of hundreds of people.  What a great experience for them and our school.” – Kyle Fenstermacher (8th grade science, NCMS)