NCMS on Journey to obtain STEM Certification

New Castle Middle School is excited to announce that we are beginning the journey to become a STEM Certified School through the State of Indiana. Embarking on this journey will provided exceptional opportunities for our students and staff to grow. With the intention of providing project and inquiry-based learning opportunities to our students, New Castle Middle School is always working to create meaningful and real-life problem-solving skills. Working through this exciting process will allow us to not only target the needs of every student, but also provide every student with optimal circumstances to collaborate with peers. It is our goal to have a community of learners that works together for the good of all and we believe this new adventure into integrated STEM practices will do just that. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help in this endeavor, please let Principal Mr. McDaniel know. The use of community partnerships is essential to our growth as a STEM school.