Meet Your Counselors

Hello! We are the NCMS Counselors. We will be by your side, helping you navigate the joys and challenges of middle school. We want to help strengthen your learning process, and while we’re working together, we hope to advance your academic, career choices, and social development! We want to see you build maturity as you move through adolescence, and become productive, contributing members of the New Castle community.

Jennifer Davis |

I started working for NC as a Teacher’s Aide at Wilbur Wright in 2002.  I was the Technology/Maintenance and Receiving Secretary starting in 2005, and I became the Counseling/Assistant Principal Secretary/Registrar at NCMS in 2009. I love working in the Counseling Department at NCMS.  The best part about my job is seeing the growth that students make from the beginning of their middle school career to the end.  I love making connections and relationships with students and I am so proud when they grow personally and make positive changes that will help with their future. I have two grown children and one wonderful grandson and have been married to my middle school sweetheart for 29 years!

April Havens |

Hello! I began my career at New Castle High School from 2007, with the class of 2008 being my first official graduating seniors! I also spent some time at Elwood High School and IU East learning about the Twenty-First Century Scholars program.  In 2010 I moved to an open position at the middle school, which is where I reside today! I chose to be a counselor after stepping my foot into several different majors (Health Science, Athletic Training, Health/PE teaching, and Psychology). I wanted to either work with kids or be a family and marriage therapist, so I pursued my School Counseling Psychology degree at Ball State University in 2005. I love working with and helping adolescents with their social-emotional expressions, academic discoveries and career explorations.  Each school day is never the same as the one before, and I love it!  The middle school years are such an impactful time in a young person’s life, and I love being here to help navigate.  Growing up in New Castle, I am very grateful for this community and find it a privilege to work with the students and parents!  

Audrey O’Malia |

My name is Audrey O’Malia, and I am happy to be one of your New Castle Middle School counselors. I started here in 2018 after graduating from IUPUI with my Master’s degree in school counseling. I love my job because middle schoolers are so fun to be around! The best part of my job is getting to know students personally and watching them grow during their middle school years. I love working with the families in our community and believe that when we work together, we help students become the best versions of themselves.

Dana Diep |

My name is Dana Diep (“Deep”) and I became a licensed school counselor in 2022 after I graduated from Marian University. My journey to school counseling was not a straight path. After my undergrad, I was not sure where life would take me. But after working as an instructional assistant for an elementary school in 2019, I soon found a passion for supporting students; both academically and emotionally. That job opportunity made my future clearer: become a school counselor. Since then, I’ve been at every educational level (K-12) and have enjoyed working with various age ranges. With that said, middle schoolers were instantly my favorite. The best part of my job is for students to discover their path. That can look like gaining self-advocacy, finding a new interest, setting goals for their future, etc. I am thankful to be a part of a small chapter of my students’ lives by simply connecting with them, their families and the local New Castle community. This is essential for students’ growth and transition into their high school career.

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