Trojan Discount cards are still available in the main office!! We are excited to say that we have a few new businesses added to our card this year! Each discount card will sell for $5.00. The discount cards support local businesses and there couldn’t be a more important time to do that. The entire profits will remain within our school.

The profits realized from this project will be used to fund our annual amusement park trip, and to provide needed funds toward the purchase of instructional equipment and classroom materials. In addition to classroom needs, we also use the funds to assist students in need.

Please make checks payable to New Castle Middle School. If unsold sold cards are not returned, parents will be responsible for payment.

New Castle Middle School parents and families have been wonderful in the past supporting and helping to make New Castle Middle School a great place for students to learn and achieve. We look forward to your continued support and commitment to a quality education for all New Castle Middle School students.

Stephen Sullivan, Assistant Principal