Eighth grade science integrates several branches of science and expands on the concepts learned at the 7t​ h​ grade level. The topics covered include: the nature of science and technology, scientific thinking, the universe, earthquakes and volcanoes, the nature of matter, forms of energy, the living environment, and historical perspectives in science. The approach to 8t​ h​ grade science is “hands-on”. Students have a chance to discover, practice, and develop an understanding of basic science principles as they participate in laboratory activities. Students learn to work effectively in a group in order to accomplish a task.

Science Honors 8

We explore 8t​ h​ grade science topics such as introductory chemistry and physics while taking the next step and applying it to additional class projects. The topics covered are the same as 8th​ grade science (with a few exceptions of additional material) however the material is covered in much more depth which will require more time spent preparing for class. Additional class work is a large part of the class; this may involve additional difficult labs, weekly homework, and long term group projects. In the past some of the projects have included: planarian biology unit, starfish dissection, squid dissection, shark dissection, paper rollercoaster, forensic science unit, robotic sumo cars and full sized cardboard boats. Students in this class must maintain B- or above grades, complete and turn in all assignments. A reminder that it is to be expected that the material both regular and extra credit will have enhanced difficulty.