Health & Physical Education


The health curriculum influences students to take a positive action regarding their own health. Students learn that good health habits can prevent illness. More importantly, as a motivating factor, they also learn that good health habits can improve the way they look, the way they perform in school and sports, the way they interact with others, and the way they feel about themselves. Wellness, they will discover, allows people to be at their very best, and wellness is simply a way of living each day that includes choices and decisions based on healthy attitudes. Eighth grade health is a one semester class that covers the following topics: introduction to health, personal care, conflict resolution and violence prevention, nutrition, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, safety and first aid, body systems and human sexuality.

Physical Education

Physical education is a one-semester course consisting of activities in the gym studying the importance of fitness and life-long activities. Students participate in stretching exercises, jogging, walking, team games and individual sports. The students also participating in swimming class. Non-swimmers will be given basic swimming instruction. More experienced swimmers will learn five different strokes to become a better swimmer. All swimmers receive basic life-saving skills. Learning physical skills, taking written tests, and participating in class are all major components of the physical education curriculum.