The seventh and eighth grade English curriculum is aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards and structured following the 8 Step program. Texts are used to help the students develop vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, discuss the purposes and characteristics of different forms of informational texts, analyze literary works, progress through the stages of the writing process, and write using Standard English conventions. Students build oral communication skills by participating in whole and small group activities. In addition, the Accelerated Reader program is used to help achieve the school-wide goal of all eighth graders reading at or above grade level.

English Honors 8

The eighth grade Honors English curriculum is aligned with the Indiana Department of Education’s academic standards and structured following the 8 Step program. The class is faster paced with more in-depth study and includes lessons that require higher level thinking skills. In addition, the eighth grade honors curriculum includes projects that challenge students and offer them ways to utilize their creativity and the chance to demonstrate a broad range of skills. Vocabulary assignments are intended to prepare students for high school and tests such as the SAT and ACT. Finally, students participate in the reading of classic novels as a whole group activity and Accelerated Reader novels independently. In-class discussions foster the growth of oral communication skills.