Art class is an introductory type one semester art class required of  students. Students learn about art through the eight Indiana Standards in Visual Art as well as the Literacy Standards in Visual Art. Sketchbooks are created and are used in Art. Reading and writing skills are to be developed while engaged in art lessonsthrough assignments and project work.

The art curriculum covers processes such as drawing, design, watercolor painting, tempera painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, fibers, mixed media and other media. All projects and assignments at this grade level are geared to teach the art student responsibility and ownership of their own participation in the art creation and learning processes. Students learn about art through art history, time periods, past and present artists and cultures around the world. Students learn how to articulate discussions about artists and their art and make informed judgments about art.

Art careers are explored as well as how art can be used in daily life. Technology involving programs on the student’s computer is used regularly to strengthen learning in each unit.