Middle School Basics

School Day: 8:00 to 3:00  Students enter the building through the breezeway or through the front doors.  Students are expected to go directly to their lockers and then immediately to the cafeteria until the 1st bell at 7:55.  Classes begin at 8:00.

Classes: Classes meet for 50 minutes.  Students take 7 classes: English, math, life science, social studies, art (1 semester), physical education (1 semester) and either band, choir or a semester of general music and a semester of RISE (reading class).  Students have homeroom (study period) for 50 minutes at the end of the day where they are required to read for 25 minutes.

Lockers: Each student is assigned a locker with a combination.  Students are not to share lockers or combinations with anyone.  Students will keep the same lockers for 2 years.  Lockers are also issued to students in P.E.

Grading: Students will bring home mid-term grade reports each grading period as well at the end of each quarter. Grades are updated on Power School each Tuesday morning by 8am.  Honor rolls and honorable mention honor rolls are figured on a 12-point system. Honor Roll is 9.0 or higher and honorable mention is 8.5 to 9.0.

Attendance: An Attendance Review Committee meets when a student has 5 unexcused or 10 excused absences in one semester.  Penalties may include Monday Afternoon School.

Tardiness: Class tardiness is handled by the individual teacher usually with an after-school detention up to 3 tardies.  Then class tardiness and tardiness to school may mean Monday Afternoon School.

Lunch: Lunch costs $2.55 (as of 2013-14-subject to change).  A la carte items may be purchased at an additional cost. Free and reduced lunch applications are available on line and must be completed promptly.

Physicals: You are urged to have a school physical completed for your child as they enter middle school.  A sports physical is mandatory before any student may try out for a sport. Physicals must be completed after May 1st to be applicable to the 2014-15 school year.