Going to High School

10 things students can do to make a smooth transition from Middle School to High School

  1. Be sure you understand how high school credits work and how many you are required to take.
  2. Learn to breathe—really. Deep breaths can help lower your stress. Know the name of at least one adult at high school that you can ask for help.
  3. Explore student organizations, athletics, band, choir and other options that exist for you at high school. It will help you form a supportive group of friends with similar interests, improve your leadership skills, and start building a resume for your college applications.
  4. Keep an eye on upcoming events, grading periods, and announcements and write important dates in your planner. Where are they posted at the high school? Are they on the school’s website? Is there a text blast or an email? Where is the conference period of each teacher listed?
  5. Take advantage of any summer camps or orientation sessions offered at the high school. Learn as much as possible about the high school ahead of time.
  6. Meet teachers, counselors, and the principal BEFORE school starts, if possible. Pay attention when they talk about attendance, grading, and tardy policies.
  7. Get together with friends and find out what they know about high school. Chances are good you all know a little and can share with each other.
  8. Be sure to complete your four-year plan. Ask questions if you don’t understand.
  9. Ask for help! Find out what tutoring or extra help is offered for academics.
  10. Remember, your friends are nervous about high school, too. Stick together, and you’ll find out that high school is not as scary as you once thought.