World Languages

In keeping with the school’s mission statement of responding to the needs, aspirations and abilities of each student, the Foreign Language Department of New Castle Chrysler High School offers four levels of three different languages. The continuity of each four-year curriculum, the language clubs and department activities, the opportunities for travel and the interaction with foreign students provide students with the basis for an appreciation of cultural values and a greater understanding of the world. The Foreign Language Department has the opportunity to further students’ understanding of the world on a daily basis. The printed curriculums, the syllabuses, the regalia and displays in the classrooms, the use of music and current events, and the study of various cultures, their similarities and their differences, all add to the students’ understanding of the relevance of foreign language to their world.

The Foreign Language Department offers four years of French, four years of German, and four years of Spanish. The department believes continuity to be the most important aspect of language learning and encourages students to complete the four-year sequence. Occasionally, a student who is very interested in languages studies two or all three languages during his high school career.

The goals set for foreign language education in Indiana schools aim to insure that students: 1) exhibit a positive attitude toward language learning and different cultures, 20 communicate through listening and speaking, 3) apply effective reading and writing strategies for developmentally appropriate tasks, 4) recognize the interrelatedness of languages, literatures, and cultures, and 5) demonstrate behaviors appropriate in the cultures of the languages being studied. The foreign language curriculum reflects instructor techniques such as lecture, questioning, discussion, guest speakers, videotapes, student presentations, group work, simulations, and assignments of various kinds that actively involve students in meeting these proficiencies. The state proficiency guides reflect current research, and the curriculums address these guides.


The foreign language staff consists of five teachers. Two teachers are native speakers of the language they teach, and all of the teachers are world travelers who have visited or lived in the countries whose cultures they teach.

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