The science department consists of eight teachers. They continue to pursue ways of improving professionally through participation in a variety of workshops and professional organizations. Many professional relationships exist among NCHS teachers and faculty at Ball State University, Purdue University, Miami University and Ivy Tech.

The Science Department at NCHS offers courses to meet the needs of all students while fostering an appreciation for scientific knowledge, problem solving, and the role of science in society. Biology, Chemistry, Earth Space Science and Physics are offered as well as Honors sections of Biology and Chemistry. Students may also choose the elective Anatomy/Physiology during the senior year. Advanced Placement classes are offered in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The proficiencies set for science in Indiana schools aim to insure that students: 1) engage in scientific inquiry, 2) understand societal roles of science and technology, and 3) understand the unifying characteristics of science.

The science curriculum at NCHS involves instructor techniques such as lectures, discussions, guest speakers, videos, computer interfacing, instructive computer software, and laboratory investigations that actively involve students in meeting these proficiencies.