I, along with many other students at the high school, frequently mention math as one of the most difficult and most frustrating subjects. The math teachers at NCCHS push their students to the limit daily, but are always willing to help students who are having trouble. I am confident that I will have success in college math courses due to the excellent math education I received here.— Salutatorian, 1997

Curriculum Overview

The NCCHS Mathematics Department provides students with the opportunity to develop a mathematical background sufficient to help them successfully meet their future goals as they become contributing members of society.

To meet the needs of all students, two levels of the study of mathematics are offered. The college-bound level courses (Algebra I C, Algebra II C, Geometry C, Pre Calculus C and Calculus AP) are designed for those students who hope to pursue a science or math-related area of study in college. These courses emphasize the relationship between science and mathematics with a more sophisticated approach to problem-solving while refining previously learned mathematical skills. The second level of courses (Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics) meets the needs of Core 40 students as well as college-bound students who will pursue non-science college majors. Problem-solving skills and techniques are developed through applications of mathematical topics to problems encountered in the business world and everyday life.


The Mathematics Department consists of 8 1/2 full-time teachers. Teaching experience ranges from 5 to 41 years. Each teacher has earned a bachelor’s degree with most having a master’s degree. The staff continues to improve and refine their teaching techniques through implementing new ideas learned from workshops on cooperative learning, format learning, modalities, the graphing calculator, mathematical modeling, computer math programs, the Internet, and new ways to present algebra and geometry in the classroom.