English at New Castle has taught me self-discipline. It isn’t one of my favorite subjects, but I have definitely learned how to write. –English Student

The English Department at NCCHS offers two options for meeting the graduation requirements: college-bound English or tech-prep English. In addition, students may choose from electives that include TheatreAdvanced SpeechPractical CommunicationJournalismPhoenix (newspaper), and Rosennial (yearbook).

College-bound English at NCCHS includes the sophomore year that consists of one semester of speech and one semester of instruction in literature, writing and library skills. The junior year consists of one semester of American literature and one semester that concentrates on grammar and the research paper. The senior year integrates literature and writing throughout the year, with particular emphasis on argumentative writing.  Classes in Honors English include Honors 9A and 9BHonors 10A and 10BHonors 11A and 11BHonors 12A and 12B.  In addition college-bound students may be selected to participate in Honors 9 FocusHonors 10 FocusHonors 11 Focus, and Advanced Placement English.  Click on the titles for the course curriculums.

Tech-Prep students, too, work on writing, library skills, and reading literature the sophomore year; but they also spend time on resumes and interviews. The junior year integrates American literature and writing, including a reference paper somehow related to drugs. The senior year includes literature, a technical paper, interviewing techniques, and business letters and resumes again.  Classes include English 9A and 9BEnglish 10A and 10BEnglish 11A and 11B, and English 12A and 12B.  Click on the titles for the course curriculums.

The English curriculum addresses the major concepts, themes, and skills identified in the state rules and proficiencies. In both the college-bound and non-college-bound curriculums, students must listen effectively, read a variety of print sources, and use both oral and written language to communicate clearly. College-bound students are required to take a semester of speech; non-college-bound students are involved in interviews and group problem-solving situations in required classes and have the option of taking a speech elective. Generally, every class is a writing class in some way; literature and writing are integrated at every level.

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