Business Education

Ever since my freshman year of high school, business was a field I knew I would enjoy. Throughout high school, I have had a variety of business classes to prepare me for a future in accounting. The business teachers present themselves and their plans for the class in a way to help the students learn by making it fun and interesting.— Business student

Curriculum Overview

Providing training to prepare students for a productive life in the ever-changing business world is the primary goal of the Business Education Department of NCHS. Thirteen elective courses are offered to all students needing to develop the skills demanded by a global, technology-based business community. Mastering computer technology is provided for all high school students through three levels of computer application classes and through Mous Certification classes. Content courses in Business Management, Business Law, Marketing, Accounting I, Accounting II, and Business Foundations broaden the course offerings.

Field trips, guest speakers, and shadowing experiences give relevance and credibility to what is being taught in the classrooms. Projects, assignments, and learning materials that reflect real life situations are incorporated in classroom activities and are kept current and consistent with what will be expected in the business world.


The Business Education Department consists of three teachers in the high school. All three teachers attend workshops and in-service sessions to keep abreast of business trends and teaching techniques.

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