The Art Department offers a wide range of classes to fit the interests of a broad group of students. Lessons learned in a art class can be applied to life no matter what the individual plans to do as a career. An art education helps to maintain a balance in one’s overall education because it allows students to create their own ideas and thoughts, rather than find information through lecture and memorization.–Drew,  Art student

Curriculum Overview

The Art Department at NCHS provides a broad list of course offerings and allows student interested in receiving an honors diploma to take Basic Art or Drawing. Courses that students may take include: Basic Art, Drawing, Painting, Fibers, Printmaking, Sculpture and Independent Study. Basic Art requires no prerequisite. However, Drawing is required as a prerequisite to Painting, Printmaking, Fibers and Sculpture. Two second level classes are a prerequisite for a student enrolling in Independent Study along with department approval. All classes require at least a C or above in order to advance to another art class. Independent Study has a minimum grade of a B in prior classes taken in the subsequent order for consideration. Art students are able to select courses that interest them and at the same time take a class that meets state rules and proficiencies in art processes, history, criticism and aesthetics.

Whether it be art making, visiting a museum, looking at artists’ work, or exploring career opportunities, the Art Department makes the art experience fun and interesting. In addition to the curriculum offered by the Art Department, the students may join an active Art Club. Students are also encouraged to enter art work in competitive contests for recognition and scholarship.

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