Holiday Choir Concert Plans:

Middle School Dress Rehearsal: 12/9   3:15-6:00 pm (Students only)
Middle School Concert: 12/10     7:00pm
High School Dress Rehearsal: 12/11    3:15-6:00 pm (Students only)
High School Concert: 12/12    7:00pm

Doors Open: 6:40pm
Concert Start Time: 7:00pm 

Location: Bundy Auditorium

Participants:  High School: 111 students (if all virtual attend
Middle School: 121 (if all virtual attend)

Audience Cap: 280 (masks required, additional masks will be provided)

Requirements and Accommodations

  • Masks will be worn by choir students at all times, including during performances.
  • Students will come dressed in their choir polo(MS)/t-shirt (HS) and black pants. 
    • Madrigal choir students will change clothes between their earlier show and the 7:00pm concert. (See more Madrigal information below.)
  • Dress rehearsals will be Dec 9 from 3:15- 6:00pm(MS)/Dec 11 from 3:15-6:00pm(HS) to run through the music. (Students only)
  • Two seats will be guaranteed per student. There will be a seating chart with student and director “ushers” to help locate seats.  NO general admission at the door.  We will attempt to livestream the concert so that people who cannot attend may still view it. 
  • Seats will be assigned in “family pods” of two with three empty chairs between pods. We will “checkerboard” the seats so that people are not immediately in front or behind groups.
  • There will be a donation bucket. Concert admission will be by Free Will donation only. No admission charge will be taken.
  • Programs will not be printed. We will project the program on the side wall of Bundy.  We will also allow students to have access to a digital edition that they may print at home.
  • To limit seating in Bundy, students will not sit in Bundy Auditorium to watch the performances. Students will watch their performances via google classroom the following day and will complete a concert reflection as part of their classroom curriculum.

Post Concert Audience Exit
Audience members will be directed into Bundy hallway and will exit out the breezeway doors. The auditorium will be cleared within five minutes of the conclusion of the concert. Students will meet their family members in the parking lot after exiting out door 11 and the bundy garage door. This will prevent anyone from exiting out the Bundy Auditorium door used as an audience entrance.

Madrigal Show (HS ONLY 12/12/2020)
The madrigal choir will have a short performance for audience members starting at 6:15pm in Bundy Auditorium. These audience members will also be pre-registered and have specific seating charts. Audience members will keep their seats for the choir concert starting at 7:00pm.

Google Form Audience Member Link
High School Choir Concert

Middle School Choir Concert