Executive Order, Governor Holcomb, 9-2-21

Yesterday, Governor Holcomb announced an executive order for schools regarding mask mandates. Currently our Elementary Schools, Pre K-6th Grade are operating with a mask mandate.

Based on Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order, beginning today, September 2, mask-mandated students will be exempt from quarantine if they are asymptomatic, that is, not showing symptoms of COVID! 

Masked Pre K-6th grade students who were quarantined due to contact tracing on or after August 25th, and are asymptomatic, are eligible to return to school. This afternoon our health aides and staff contacted parents of students who meet these criteria and informed them that they may return to school on September 3

As per the Indiana Department of Health, if a student was quarantined prior to August 25, the new exemption does not apply.  Occasionally, we must quarantine entire classrooms due to positive cases. Students who are part of an entire class that is quarantined are not exempt and will remain quarantined. 

As a reminder, parents of students who are eligible to return from quarantine have already been contacted individually. 

Masking remains encouraged at our middle school and high school where students are eligible for the COVID vaccination. Fully vaccinated students are exempt from quarantine.  

Please contact your school’s Health Aide or Principal with any questions.