Educational Services


While meeting the individual needs of all our students at each of our elementary schools, New Castle Schools also utilize common curricular programs to facilitate our common curriculum pacing guides. These curriculum maps assure that all  state standards are being instructed and that there are no gaps in the education of our students no matter which school they attend. These common learning programs cover the content areas of Reading , Math, Social Studies, and Science. They are core programs from leading educational companies such as Curriculum Associates, Pearson, McGraw Hill, and National Geographic.

For more information, please contact: Sherri Bergum, Director of Curriculum and Elementary Programming, at , or call the Administration Office at 765-521-7201.

Adopted reading and writing curriculum by grade level:

  • K-1 Core, Foundations, Wilson (Publisher)
  • 2-5 Core, Wonders, McGraw Hill (Publisher)
  • K-5 Core (Supplemental), Wonders, McGraw Hill (Publisher)

Remedial Programs by grade level:

  • K-5, Wonders, McGraw Hill  (Publisher)
  • K-1 (Supplemental), Foundations, Wilson (Publisher)


At the secondary level, New Castle Community Schools provide quality instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and promotes increased student achievement.  We continue to work toward academic excellence and educational growth for all students.  Our secondary programing offers a balanced blend of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities to help our students become engaged in our schools and grow into well-rounded citizens.  We believe we have something for everyone. Students are given the opportunity to explore interests through robust elective offerings which include performing and fine arts options (dance, art, theatre arts, and music), career and technical course options, and special programs (peer facilitation and high ability courses).  Our middle school students are able to take accelerated coursework by participating in an extensive honors program. As students enter high school, there are additional accelerated course offerings available. Advanced Placement and Advanced College Project classes, along with other dual-credit offerings, provide opportunities for our students to save money in college tuition and graduate from high school with an associate’s degree.  Our educational practices are dedicated to meeting students where they are and preparing them to be successful as they go through school and life.


For more information, please contact: Jacob White, Middle School Principal, at , or call the Middle School Office at 765-521-7230.


For more information, please contact: Kirk Ammon, High School Principal, at , or call the High School Office at 765-521-6670.

HIGH ABILITY; We FOCUS on Excellence

Program Identification Process:

GRADES K-2: Students in grades K are given the CogAT screener in May of the school year.  Those scores are compiled into a list of high ability students per building for clustering purposes in grades 1 and 2 and provided differentiated instruction from the classroom teacher.

GRADES 3-4: Step #1 All second graders are given 6 subtests (quantitative and verbal) of the CoGat 8 as a screen to develop a large pool of talented students in February. Step #2: Once the CogAT reports are completed, a list of any student scoring  > 95% will have one of the following high ability labels:  Math only, Reading only, or General Intellectual (both). Step #3: Students who qualify for further identification (scoring between 85-94% on CogAT battery) will have the following information completed regarding their achievement in the classroom so far: **iReady achievement test scores.  (Points are given for any score above the 2nd grade level.)**SIGS (Teacher rating:  Scales for Identifying Gifted Students). Step #4: Data is combined into ranking format.  The top 20-21 students are eligible for inclusion in the 3rd-5th grade program first.  Those identified but not participating in the full day program at Wilbur Wright are provided differentiated instruction within the regular classroom at their home schools through cluster grouping.

GRADE 5: In the spring of each year, data coaches will administer the CogAT Quantitative and  Verbal tests to all 5th graders who scored  above grade level on the Math or Reading portion of the second iReady Diagnostic test. HA staff will score and deliver information to NCMS for inclusion into the 6th grade Honors Math and English classes.

GRADES 6-8: MATH– In the spring of each year, NCMS staff will administer the Orleans Hanna Algebra Prognosis Test to all 6th grade honors math students who desire early acceptance into ALgebra I at NCMS. Those qualifying will be invited to enroll in ALgebra I as 7th graders (or 8th graders.)

GRADES 9-10: In grade 8, all students will be administered the CogAT test.  All students who score >90% on either the Verbal or Quantitative subtests will be identified as High Ability.  Any student who scores between 80-89% will have a SIGS (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students) completed on him/her to determine high ability labeling. Students identified as HA will be considered for High Ability programming in the identified curriculum area.

GRADES 11-12: In 10th grade, students’ scores from the PSAT Potential Indicator will be used for identification as high ability in math, English, or General Intellectual. Identified students will be encouraged to consider inclusion in AP classes for 11th and 12th grades.

Special Services

New Castle Area Special Services is established and operated through a partnership with New Castle, Shenandoah, Charles A Beard, South Henry, and Nettle Creek school districts in an effort to provide high quality special education services and supports to students with disabilities.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for students with disabilities through providing effective instruction and equitable access to the learning environment.

We promote student achievement, support the inclusion of students with disabilities in the general education setting, provide high quality special programming for students with intensive needs, celebrate milestones of student growth and development, and work to strengthen skills related to independent living and successful transitions into post-secondary settings and adult living.

Behavior Support Services

At New Castle, we are excited to introduce our community-based approach to behavior support. Our approach involves working collaboratively with everyone in the environment in which a child, teacher, mentor and family design strategies for promoting positive social and communication skills. By preventing problem behavior, we focus on planning for larger groups so that all children and adults within a setting are interacting in positive and meaningful ways. Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst is dedicated to providing comprehensive behavior support that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each student we work with.