COVID19 Update 10/12/2021

For all Close Contacts (quarantined students) to positive cases:

Families have the choice of the following:

  1. Option #1: Quarantine for 10 days (no test needed) & return on day 11. 
  2. Option #2: Quarantine for 7 days and must get a negative clinical PCR or Antigen test on day 5, 6 or 7 to return on day 8 at school.

Returning students who opt for #2 must:

  1. be symptom free
  2. Wear a mask through day 10 of the quarantine dates
  3. bring/email a copy of the clinical negative Covid test to school before being readmitted. 

Negative PCR or Antigen tests must be a clinical test. Negative home tests will not be accepted by the school. Please speak with your child’s Health Assistant or Corporation RN with any questions.