COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

New Revised 2020-2021 Calendar (12/09/2020)
December 30, 2020 Call Out
December 9, 2020 Call out
Virtual Student/Family FAQ Holiday Weeks 2020-2021
Certified Employee COVID FAQ (11-13-2020)
Non-certified Employee COVID FAQ (11-13-2020)
11-13-2020 call out
General Q&A Document 11/13/2020
High School Parent Q & A 11/13/2020
Middle School Parent Q & A 11/13/2020
Westwood Parent Q & A
Staff Q & A 11/13/2020
11-10-2020 call out
Click the IDOH dashboard to view COVID19 case status in New Castle Schools. Please note that all COVID19 cases are reported to the Henry County Health Department.
2020 NCCSC Re-Entry Plan Updated for 11-2-2020
General Q&A for Parents Updated 7-24-2020
Daily Student Screening Checklist
Health Advisory Committee Notes

Update from Governor Holcomb 3/19/20
Covid-19 Call out 3/19/2020
Governor Holcomb Press Release 3/19/2020
Governor Holcomb Executive Order April 2, 2020
Letter From the Superintendent -March 10, 2020
COVID-19 Calendar April 2020

Back On Track Indiana
COVID-19 Calendar May 2020
New Castle High School and Middle School updated grading information April 22, 2020
Elementary Grading Guidance April 22, 2020
New Castle Schools COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan April 17,2020
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Parents (updated 4/6/2020)
Staff FAQ During School Closure – 2020 (updated 4/6/20)
Pre K /K Preliminary registration
Zoom Info for staff
FFRCA Information
School Nurse Covid-19 Info