Change of Life Events

Please contact Human Resources at (765)521-7201 or if you experience a “Change in Life Event.” A life change may trigger a 30 day open-enrollment in insurance!

  1. I Changed my name, address, phone number or email address.
  2. I changed job status, changed salary, or transferred to a new location.
  3. I divorced my spouse.
  4. I have a new child (birth, adoption, or regained custody).
  5. My spouse or one of my dependents died recently.
  6. One of my dependents has reached his or her age limits for benefits.
  7. I wish to change the beneficiary of one or more of my benefits.
  8. My spouse has changed employment status.
  9. One of my dependents has regained his/her dependent status.
  10. I am taking an approved leave of absence.
  11. I am retiring.
  12. I (or my eligible dependent) recently lost or gained similar coverage.
  13. I request a change to my benefits due to a court order.