August 23, 2021 COVID Information

Due to the increased number of covid cases within Henry County, and a strong recommendation from the local Health Department, beginning Wednesday, August 25, all New Castle Elementary Schools students and staff will be required to wear face coverings. Please know that as soon as the positive case numbers decrease, we will lift this regulation. As a result of all students wearing masks, we expect to greatly reduce the number of students quarantined due to contact tracing, thereby keeping more students in schools. Students age 12 and up are eligible for the COVID vaccination. Asymptomatic vaccinated students will not be quarantined. 

If our secondary schools reach the threshold of over 1.5% positive cases, masks will be required for a period of two weeks until the positive case percent drops below 1.5%. Please check the corporation website for specific re-entry changes.


More information is available in these Indiana Department of Health slides