Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Talbot

Hannah Talbot, donned in blue graduation regalia, proudly displays her college cap and diploma from Indiana State University

Hannah Talbot, a 2019 New Castle High School graduate, traded her Trojan green for Indiana State’s Sycamore Sam blue.

Hannah loved high school life, and had multiple interests. Hannah was drawn to the Career Center her junior and senior year, focusing on cosmetology. Her plan was to use the cosmetology license to earn money through college, and keep her skills fresh for lifelong use. She leaned heavily into technical honors and dual Ivy Tech credits, specifically in English. Talbot was involved in a multiple high school sports. Her athletic prowess in soccer, track, gymnastics and cheerleading unknowingly shaped the pathway of her career.

Hannah was intrigued by her cheer coach’s profession, as a Probation Officer at Henry County Justice Center.

“Coach Bell taught me that I could do more with my life than I gave myself credit for. She pushed me, and encouraged me just like she did with her offenders, to forgive myself for past mistakes, and do better. She’s the big reason I pursued law enforcement.”

Hannah moved to Terre Haute, to enter Indiana State’s Criminal Justice major, with a minor in Police Evidence. She learned immediately that “studying in college was so different. The biggest shock was that each professor had their own set of expectations, and it was up to me to figure it out.” Talbot advises future college goers to “to make your own study guide, similar to the ones in high school.” Vocabulary was always on the test, “but even the stuff we didn’t go over in class, the weekly reading, made it’s way to the test.” Hannah suggests using the Quizlet App for studying, and joining a study group. In “completely changing” the way she studied, Hannah began to get better grades, and ended up on the Dean’s List. I’m grateful to Mrs. Hensley” (her high school English teacher). “The Criminal Justice major was heavy on paper writing; she taught me well.”

Talbot did become known for her cosmetology skills around campus. She continued to fashion her roommates’ hair and makeup for dances (and their eventual weddings). “None of my education was wasted; I will forever use it all.”

In May of 2023, Hannah earned her college diploma. Her future looks positive as she is currently training to apply with the Indiana State Police. Talbot’s aim is for a position within the city or county in law enforcement. Good luck, Hannah. We are proud to call you a Trojan!

We are also happy to announce that the Career Center does now have a Criminal Justice program!